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Life is sucking right now and you want a hand up?

Providing a space that utilises different therapies to address the difficulties and challenges of doing life. 

Third Eye


You know what is holding you back

Open to intuitive energy healing methods that will clear it right now?


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Perhaps the paddock is a space you can find peace.

The horses provide a safe space you can find your feet. 



You want someone to partner/mentor you to successful achievement of your goals

Personal or Professional Development for individuals or businesses.

Welcome to Your Point Counselling & Coaching

When I first started my business 20+ years ago, I registered my company name as Rachelle Ltd. My whanau/family and friends said I should have called it Rachelle Unlimited! I believe this is the space that I hold for my clients. Where they get to experience the opportunities to find all the possiblities that unlimit them. 

Please feel free to peruse this website and contact me for a free discovery call. 


Where do I begin? During a difficult time in my life, I wanted some guidance and input from a non biased party.  I had a hard time organizing my thoughts and actions. I struggled to gain control of my chaotic life. At that time my business consultant spoke to me about Rachelle and her magic.


Being somewhat traditional, I had a hard time believing that forming a real connection with someone via zoom is actually a possibility. Boy, was I wrong!  From the first discovery call and every session since I felt incredibly touched by Rachelle's warmth, caring nature and ability to listen and clarify.


I love her ability to focus on the future and with her help it became easier to let go of past negative emotions and bad experiences. She has helped me become a better version of myself.


After every session I feel enlightened and filled with energy. I am not sure how she does it, but I am certainly glad  she does. Thank you Rachelle... you are a unicorn! 

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