Quintessential Kiwi style, the silver fern
Quintessential Kiwi style, the silver fern

Being opaque with your leadership style and philosophies of service is imperative in allowing the power of diversity to drive great organisations.



Speech Bubble A+

Counselling & Life Coaching

Do you need some one to one time to work out where you are going & what you need to get you there?

Support in handling challenging moments in your life, change or loss of a loved one. 

Team Building

Leadership & Teams

Do you need some practical ways to increase the performance of your team?

Understand your own leadership skills and the impact you can make in your home, business or community.



Discover the power of horses & nature in learning how to manage your emotions.

For Children, Adults & Families

Horse Therapy is powerful in learning to lead, manage conflict or simply have better relationships amongst peers or within your family. 


Where do I begin? During a difficult time in my life, I wanted some guidance and input from a non biased party.  I had a hard time organizing my thoughts and actions. I struggled to gain control of my chaotic life. At that time my business consultant spoke to me about Rachelle and her magic.


Being somewhat traditional, I had a hard time believing that forming a real connection with someone via zoom is actually a possibility. Boy, was I wrong!  From the first discovery call and every session since I felt incredibly touched by Rachelle's warmth, caring nature and ability to listen and clarify.


I love her ability to focus on the future and with her help it became easier to let go of past negative emotions and bad experiences. She has helped me become a better version of myself.


After every session I feel enlightened and filled with energy. I am not sure how she does it, but I am certainly glad  she does. Thank you Rachelle... you are a unicorn!