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Meet Rachelle Millar

At 28 years of age I was feeling dissatisfied with my life, career and relationships, the solution I thought to my problems was to quit my job, sell all my belongings and go to Queenstown to snowboard & ski. Whilst fun, it didn't make me happy with my lot in life.


So I went to Canada on a working holiday visa, and my search for happiness continued. I returned home 14 months later thinking I had the answer to life and yet still this low level feeling of dissatisfaction and sadness continued. 

What to do? What to do.? Trying to find ways to be positive and high on life was simply not working. Seeking professional support was scary and confronting.

When I engaged in a personal developmental programme in 2003, I never thought I was going to become a counsellor.  

What happened, was that I learnt about acknowledging my needs and the ability to say no and my yes to things, my boundaries.  I got to know myself and my core values as well as the things that triggered my feelings and responses and how to engage my will.  I learnt how to change my life from the inside out. I went from conquering physical challenges to conquering the mountains within. 

20+ years on, I offer my clients, a safe space to conquer the monsters or the mountains within every single one of us. I guide my clients to navigate the raw edges of life and support them in finding that complete satisfaction in life, you know that smug look that you feel when you just have it.  I help them to really take charge of their life and direction.

Whether we meet online or in person, what you get with me is a real warmth and presence with a whole lot of professional training & qualifications in holding open a space for you to explore what makes you, you and how you can transform your health, wealth and happiness.

New Zealand Association of Counsellors Registration

Community Charities or WINZ funded if needed

Sensitive Claims, ACC Funding application in progress


“Working with Rachelle for 6 months has been life changing. I came to her to seek help in working through personal issues. What I didn't expect is the guidance I also found in my professional life and relationships.

Every session has been therapeutic and eye opening, with Rachelle having an ability to hone in on the deeper issues that have been creating blockages and challenge. I have had to work at it everyday to see the results and improvements.

The homework Rachelle assigned during each session was relevant to push me forward, to keep me accountable and get me to the place where I am today – positive, motivated and feeling in control of my destiny. Rachelle has a gift to closely listen, she's able to tap into your inner thoughts, formulate the root cause and suggest ways to work through difficulties.

I've grown spiritually and mentally from our sessions and feel that I’m a better person today through her dedication and willingness to push me forward even on days when I was struggling. Words and expression on this review do not serve justice to what I’ve learned and experienced.


Rachelle has impacted my life in ways I did not expect, she provides knowledge and skills her website does not describe; ultimately the sessions were above and beyond my expectations. Best of all, I don't feel like I’ve been talking to a therapist or a coach, I feel I’ve been in the company of a wise and funny friend. Rachelle will be a part of my life as I continue to grow as a person, I am ever grateful.”



"In her debut book, Life and Business Advisor, Rachelle Millar, invites the reader to take an intimate glimpse at her life. In doing so, the reader will understand the highs and lows Ms Millar experienced, which have made her the compassionate counsellor and leadership coach she is today.


From pivotal moments of her childhood to pure joy at becoming a mother, down to the depths of despair from a bitter divorce and a lengthy custody battle, this is a book of quiet dignity. Here the reader will find stories of revelation and tragedy, heartbreak and self-respect, courage and the determination to succeed.


Readers living through similar experiences will find a connection to Ms Millar and her book, a quiet but firm advocate, and someone who relates to the battles they face. Equally, readers will learn the power of believing in themselves and find the strength to move forward."

Buy the book from this website: $5 Ebook or $25 Printed Copy or available globally at all good booksellers. 

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