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Thank you for visiting our site, Whilst Your Point Counselling and Coaching was created in 2016 since I came to live in Te Arai/Mangawhai. I have been helping people and businesses learn and develop since 2003. This is a little more about me and why offering these three areas of service is important to my clients.

All About Me

It all started in 1971, the first born to two loving parents... a shy, introverted gal who later found a love for horses. Moving to Clevedon and into the countryside was wonderful for me. As we embarked on this wonderful journey of raring baby animals, equestrian pursuits all grounded with a christian faith. I was in heaven at age 9 in the world of horses. My first pony Rusty, grounded me literally, many many times! A chestnut geldng full of mishief as first ponies often are. Staying on was a feat! My second pony Philary helped me soar this time with me on board as we climbed the heights in showjumping. 

Stepping into boarding school at age 13, at Epsom Girls Grammar, was confusing and wild. It seemed like the other girls knew what was going on, I often felt lost and alone especially without my horse. The expectations of a school such as this and the saviness of more worldly girls than I had ever faced. I buried myself into my studies that were highly left brained. Bizarrely when I travelled to the UK at just 19 years of age I found my creative flair which brought me back to NZ with a passion for fashion. Finishing up with qualifications in Fashion Design and Clothing technology at age 25. 

The environment I grew up in was of salesmanship, an enigma to my extroverted parents, Yet I utilised this skill to forge a space in the world of sales and marketing in fashion, IT, Medical and hospitality. Learning to thrive in the extroverted world. Whilst this was helpful for me then, unmasking and finding my true identity was a journey I undertook later into my 30's. A snowboarding accident was pivotel in stopping me and forcing me to confront the inner mountain. Embarking on a journey of self discovery starting within the domains of the Psychosynthesis Institute. Guilded by psychotherapists I found my calling.

The birth of my first son derailed this pathway for a time, along with a bitter divorce. Saddled with two young boys to care for, I found financial freedom in the world of corporate learning and development. The investment in self discovery gave me the confidence to stand up. Literally, in front of an audience. For someone too scared to do a speech in school. I now had the strength to facilitate insight in others. 

Running corporate workshops in the fields of sales development, negotiation, customer service, leadership and management as well as team building for the next 15 years as a contractor to Champagne Consultants, David Forman a leading force in sales training and development, Beyond Performance and Capability Group. As well as under my own brand of Rachelle Millar or Your Point. Helping businesses to build their workforces and leadership capability. 

In this time also, I was the Learning and Devlopment Manager at Noel Leeming Group, overseeing the implementation of elearning systems, and paving the way for transformational learning with leadership and emotional intelligence development for the support office and retailing network leaders. Another side step was my time with the Department of Corrections teaching the Probation Officer Curriculum and Motviational Interviewing to Prison Case Managers. 

The horses rarely left my side, her trusty steed Sovereign anchored her, she pursued hunting across country following hounds predominantly as well as simply hacking and a touch of showjumping. Later as her children followed her equestrian pursuits as well as skiing and surfing, she gravitated back to the country and this special horse helped her build her children's confidence too. 

I moved to Te Arai in 2016, my vision of outdoor leadership retreats within the Auckland region. Focussing on health, wealth and happiness, I initally set up glamping and nature retreats for women and children. These were designed to build confidence for women, as a solo mum I was often asked, "how do you have the energy to do all these things with your children?" My answer simple, I am need the outdoors to feel alive! Carpe Dium is my motto!

Pivotal to my career path was my spiritual journey and increased my knowledge and understanding gaining qualifications in Theta Healing (an intuitive energy based healing) for humans and animals. It was the animal piece that drew me into this modality at the time. Revisiting my training as a psycho- spiritual counsellor and offering individual sessions, helping others going through difficult times in their lives. 

Whilst I offer this online, it was within our community in Te Arai that my client base grew. My clients delight in our sanctuary here at Te Arai Point Road, either for the serenity of this space or to engage with the horses. 

Over the past few years I have increased the offerings of peace with the the horses, a space to heal or explore. For both adults and children.  Horsome school holiday programmes have become Manga-famous. 

I love the NZ way of life that is about pitching in. I have been involved in a number of community committees and am currently the Chief Coach for the Warkworth District Pony Club. I am responsible for developing coaches to be the best they can be for Matakana and Warkworth Branches. With just under 100 youth in our district we are interested in building horsemastership focused on animal welfare as well as offering learning and growth for our young riders. Getting teams to area and national competitions. 

I also work with Otamatea Community Services and Te Whai Community Trust to offer (free) counselling for adults with a focus on youth within the area. Both of these trusts have supported my work in equine therapy. Which is super exciting for me as this is a growing area that more and more people are enjoying great results from. And one that I am passionate about. 

My two lads  (Oliver and Oskar, fairly well known in the community also for surf coaching, farming jobs or hospitality) are reaching adulthood (post 16 years). Avid equestrians in their chosen disciplines. These two boys are what makes my heart sing. I am proud to be a part of their lives and to share our world with our community. 

I look forward to meeting you and learning what your dreams and wishes are. Click on the discovery call link to contact me about Your Point services. Thank you for your interest. 





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