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Illness or Loss

Sudden illness or loss is traumatic. Whilst Covid may not have infected you, it may be effecting those around you. How do you cope in 2020 and beyond?

Identity Crisis

The arena has shifted, what you knew worked has changed. Get a hold of your sales or leadership skills to ensure your business or career is on point.

Healing Horses

Submerge yourself into the power of horses and nature to heal. Manifest the life you have always wanted to live.

BOOK REVIEW - Goodreads

"In her debut book, Life and Business Advisor, Rachelle Millar, invites the reader to take an intimate glimpse at her life. In doing so, the reader will understand the highs and lows Ms Millar experienced, which have made her the compassionate counsellor and leadership coach she is today.

From pivotal moments of her childhood to pure joy at becoming a mother, down to the depths of despair from a bitter divorce and a lengthy custody battle, this is a book of quiet dignity. Here the reader will find stories of revelation and tragedy, heartbreak and self-respect, courage and the determination to succeed.

Readers living through similar experiences will find a connection to Ms Millar and her book, a quiet but firm advocate, and someone who relates to the battles they face. Equally, readers will learn the power of believing in themselves and find the strength to move forward."

Dannielle Line, Western Australia


Where do I begin? During a difficult time in my life, I wanted some guidance and input from a non biased party.  I had a hard time organizing my thoughts and actions. I struggled to gain control of my chaotic life. At that time my business consultant spoke to me about Rachelle and her magic.


Being somewhat traditional, I had a hard time believing that forming a real connection with someone via zoom is actually a possibility. Boy, was I wrong!  From the first discovery call and every session since I felt incredibly touched by Rachelle's warmth, caring nature and ability to listen and clarify.


I love her ability to focus on the future and with her help it became easier to let go of past negative emotions and bad experiences. She has helped me become a better version of myself.


After every session I feel enlightened and filled with energy. I am not sure how she does it, but I am certainly glad  she does. Thank you Rachelle... you are a unicorn! 

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