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Queenie Cuddles
Queenie Cuddles

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Horse Assisted Learning & Development

If I am obvious about teaching my children, like school. I get massive push back. It's the holidays mum, no learning. As human beings we are always learning, not just our kids and not just in school.

With 20+ years in corporate learning and development I believe that learning happens in action and in the corridors. What we offer is an opportunity to learn through our horses. Call it therapy, learning or just a great experience with the horses, nature and other like-minded human beings. We are learning everyday. 

What we offer are opportunities to explore everything from Leadership skills to Horsemanship and most of it stems from self awareness to self management. All of these outdoor learning experiences are situated on the ground. No riding involved. 

The wonderful thing about horses is that there are dynamics in a horse herd that are similar to human beings. Your Point becomes a space to explore metaphor and simile through the space and the eyes of a horse. 

With 40 years of horsemanship and human learning and development from children's music or sports coaching to corporate leadership programmes, Rachelle facilitates a space that is different every single time for every different person and people that cross her path. 

"It was truly something I will never forget.  I have never spent time with horses, but have always wanted to and Joy was my angel. I get tears of joy!! Thinking about it.


You are amazing and thank you for welcoming us to your beautiful space and introducing us to your incredible family of horses and Tilly and what a pleasure to spend time with such beautiful women - thankyou xx"

                                        Poppy Holmberg

"I feel such calm and inner peace after today. And WOWED. The experience with the horses - incredible!

Each horse showed us different things we needed to learn. Thanks Rachelle, Poppy, Joy and Queenie."

                                Tina Jacoby Patti

Thanks for having us and open up your paradise for this beautiful, very inspiring, motivational and into our own depth exploring workshop.

I can only recommend to join any future ones."

                            Nina Gastreich

Freedom to Choose

One of the things that I have learnt over the years of working with horses is how to manage my anxiety within myself.  

How to lead and guide softly and with confidence. This is Boy, my dream horse, his golden colour (palomino), his personality and athleticism attracted me. But at the end of the day, the horse decides if they want to be with you.

Boy gets emotional if I tell him off, he almost sulks. He loves to be loved and scratched and patted.  He cuddles into me with his need for acceptance. One of the things that we are working with in liberty training is clarity in my communication to him and boundaries.  Boy is my mirror, learning strategies to work together, are the same strategies that work within my family or wider community or organisations. 

At Your Point, we have a space of safety and care. We teach you to hold your own boundaries and communicate your needs from a place of presence and leadership. 

Contact us today to see how horsefulness can work for you, your children or organisation. Call Rachelle on 0276584552 or rachelle@yourpoint.co.nz