Studies by Hay Group have shown that the impact of Leadership competency on organisational climate and team performance impact the productivity and profitability creating a 30% increase.

Here are a few of the client's that have invested in leadership development with Your Point


AIM: Speed up team cohesion and build leadership competency

METHOD: 360 Degree Feedback tool, Individual Coaching and Team Workshops

OUTCOME: Increased organisational effectiveness & profitability.

AIM: Increase leadership competencies in a manager type environment to take Noel Leeming stores and teams to the next level

METHOD: Teamed up with Hay Group to highlight leadership competencies and contracted individual coaches for each participant as well as Project based Kaizen opportunities.  Workshops/Training on ad hoc as needed basis.

OUTCOME: Higher levels of engagement and relevant change that impacts the individual and their store increasing leadership capability within the organisation keeping institutional knowledge and providing a pool of candidates for upward roles. 


AIM: Increase leadership and management capability

METHOD: One 2 One coaching for 12 months

OUTCOME: Moved from doing to leading the team, able to engage at stakeholder level more efficiently.


AIM: Leading and managing team performance

METHOD: Redesign Performance Appraisal System, Mini Workshop and individual coaching

OUTCOME: Clearer feedback given and team performance enhanced.