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Leadership & Team Development

Rachelle provides one to one support for senior leaders, business owners or teams in tackling issues such as poor performance, lack of motivation, disorganisation or flagging sales and general customer engagement as well as bullying or conflict within a team or organisation. Or perhaps your business has always invested in learning and development and you are looking for a new and creative solution?

After 20 years in corporate learning and development, Rachelle has designed and delivered many training programmes to frontline staff serving challenging customers to senior leadership teams who wish to change direction.  Rachelle works closely with small to medium sized organisations supporting them with everything from recruitment and selection to creating high performing teams. 

Whilst we see much of these issues within our workplaces, Rachelle works across all life balance to find a holistic solution to any team disharmony. She provides creative solutions that are engaging. Experiential learning is powerful and fun especially when it is set in the outdoors.  Flick through the pictures to see some of the events Rachelle has created to build tomorrow's leaders. 

Talk to us today to find out how we build the resilience and mental toughness it takes to lead a family, team or organisation. 

You are in good company

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Rachelle has kicks off most of her leadership programmes with a 360 degree feedback tool from Hay Group. Whilst feedback is confronting it is hard for clients to ignore or discount the data. We are able to work on exactly what is working and what is not within the organisation you are leading right now.  What might of been a strength in a past organisation is a pain in the current one.  There are no right or wrong answers just the ability to act on what your team or organisation is asking of you today. 

Below are the 12 competencies of a leader using the Emotional and Social Intelligence matrix below designed by Daniel Goleman and Richard Boyatzis.  Talk to Rachelle today about implementing this tool within your organisation. 

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