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I've had the pleasure of receiving Theta Healing with Rachelle.

Thanks Rachelle for your attentive and intuitive guidance during the session.  You managed to go very deep into an area of my life that wasn't so clear to me and allowed me to see a new way forward without that old belief holding me back.

You are excellent at being present and doing your work. I thoroughly recommend Rachelle for anyone who is looking for a professional practitioner in this field.


Rachelle really makes such a huge difference to your wellbeing. She is full of great advice and interesting literature to help you on your journey, whether it be recovering from a trauma, working on self for reaching your goals, or simply having some much needed time out and a caring ear to listen to woes.


Rachelle is a healer who makes the world of difference to all who cross her path. Thank you for your time, love and nurturing Rachelle. May more souls find you while they try to navigate their path!


Since my short session with Rachelle I have noticed a complete change in my attitude and any feelings of annoyance or pressure that used to feel have decreased, or disappeared completely! 


Rachelle mentioned subconscious thoughts & beliefs that I hadn't even realised I was holding on to. 


Rachelle easily creates a very comfortable, caring and safe space. I never felt judged or pushed into saying anything I wasn't comfortable with.                                                


'I lost my way and Rachelle help me back onto the right path

During my session with Rachelle I was able to delve deeper into what was actually causing me to feel low and acknowledge that there are ways to change how I feel. We talked about how I can build on my personal development and making sure I had goals to work towards. Also to keep a gratitude diary to keep me thinking positive.


Her personal experience of training helped me tremendously as I have just got my first training job but with no guidance I have struggled. Rachelle was able to advise and guide me on how to better my experience within work as well as socially, therefore helping me to be a happier person within.'


I have learnt so much in the past year that I have been working with Rachelle.  I certainly am not the same person I was when I started.  I have been given the space to overcome many obstacles that were holding me back previously and now have the clarity to see when a situation or relationship is not working for me.  I always feel welcomed and comfortable with Rachelle, even when talking about big issues and complicated situations. Rachelle is a pleasure to work with even when sometimes you're unearthing some rather uncomfortable feelings.


“I really enjoyed working with Rachelle and think she is an amazing healer. The time we spent together was invaluable. She held space for me to work through some complex emotional issues past and present which then gave me room to start a new chapter in my personal and professional life. Thank you!”

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