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I am my thoughts and I am more than my thoughts

Recently my clients have grappled with this logic. I have noticed that often, but not always, my clients are all struggling or exploring the same things. Being a human being have a spiritual experience or being a spiritual being have a human experience.

Whilst we are spiritual beings having human experiences the concept that we are our minds or our minds are a part of us and what that mind (tool) does shapes our behaviour and how we choose consciously or unconsciously to relate to others.

I have noticed that part of the healing and transformation that my clients go through is integrating all of their parts into a whole being; body, feelings, mind, superconsciousness and the divine and being present, truly present to other beings incorporating all of the self.

This healing or transformation becomes possible through exploring what each of these means or how we make meaning of all of our thoughts or feelings or perhaps even what is happening in our bodies, be they aches or pains or serious and debilitating illnesses such as cancer or MS.

Often when we are taught to meditate, we are asked or we accept that we can shut off the thoughts to have our minds blank for a time, or we shut off feelings. Whilst this might enable us to rest and recover, we will have to manage what those feelings or thoughts are and how they are manifesting in our day to day lives both positively and negatively.

Emotional Intelligence, of course is basically being intelligent about our emotions, the simple understanding that stress upon stress will build up and we explode (Amygdala Hijack) over the smallest of situations/stimulus later feeling remorse for such an overreaction. The key is to manage our emotions and notice what is going on before we respond from our most primitive part of the brain (the snake brain) and fight or take flight and sometimes freeze.

So back to consciousness, the ultimate attainment for living a fulfilled and healthy life is to be conscious and awakened... and awakenedness is not a destination, it is but an opening to higher levels of consciousness and awakening. And that is a human experiencing transformation.

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