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Don't go backwards, go forwards

I was looking back at some old posts that I had put on my Wild Womanz site, one of them was about assigning value. I had thought to look to repurpose them as a way to build more posts on my new Your Point site.

As I was trying to work out what to copy and paste, I realised that those thoughts were of that time and that what I had thought then, I had tried out and perhaps discarded it. And now looking back to bring forward, it wasn't about copy and pasting what was there but about taking the lesson and reflecting on it into today's musing or insight to share.

I have always said to people who are worried about what might happen if they change or do something different that they can always go back to what they were doing but if they weren't to try the new thing going forward then they would never know. Ie. They already know what it is like staying the same. It is like retreating, we can always retreat, retreating is easy, it is going back. Going forward though takes courage and bravery and sometimes leadership is about going forward or at least giving it a go...

The key here, is that we are usually better at something the second go at it, a little like a business. You can always try and be the first to market with a product or service but sometimes that product or service isn't refined enough and you get it out there, not ready. And it bombs! There are many examples of companies or businesses that do it better after the first time. Or even better after the 10th try.

There are alot of quotes about how important failure is, even though we still hate failing and we still have massive fears about others judgments. Maybe that is why we need so many quotes to keep motivating us. So although we will take things from the past into our future. Our future is very different and requires different insight and experiences and we will be learning. If not, we are just doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result! I believe the definition of insanity. So if you say you have 10 years experience in something and all you have done is the same thing over and over again for 10 years, then you don't actually have 10 years experience, you have 1 years experience 10 times!

So just think every time you do something or you put something into action, just change it one little bit...that way you will get experience and wisdom! And change will be your comfort and you will be going forwards...

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