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Many times I hear my clients say they like things to be perfect, if it is not that, then it is "I have to get my act together", or when I have completed this then I can have that. Perfection is akin to judgement and judgement hurts.

The internal voice, that is important, it discerns and makes decisions, initially specifically designed to keep us safe. We cannot turn off the judgement, but we can suspend judgement and when we do this, we allow more stimuli and information from an observational standpoint to come in. This widens our ability to make decisions and assess a situation.

Very often the work I do with clients is to help them to see and become aware of what is habitual and question it's efficacy in their lives. Generally clients come to be because things aren't going so well or they would like it to be a whole lot better.

One of the things that constantly can rear it's head is the requirement for things to be perfect....this is a space that has conditions and most especially fears attached to it. So perfection is fear based and fear is the thing that stops us from doing things or being something.

From a Theta Healing perspective and the ability to ask for healing means that we have to disrupt which was already perfect. Being sick, not achieving what you want in life, being poor. God, Creator, the energy of all that is sees everything is perfect. You see this in the bible, where god created everything and stood back and said it is perfect.

So you may not see it as perfect, most especially ill health, but the energy that created you does. So in my little mind fuck of the moment, what are you missing? What can't you see in your manifestation of you that god can see, or that the universe can see that is making you perfect in this space. Here is where service comes into play.

When we look at the world in a way that says how can I serve, instead of what has the world/parents etc. done for us or can do for us. Then, we can understand why we might have an illness, if we can find a way to cure it, then we can help others. If we did not suffer pain, would we be able to be compassionate to others? No, could we empathise quite the same, no.

I wonder if honouring our illness as a gift, or our circumstances as a gift we just have to work out how we can value this gift, heal and transform into the best version of ourselves we can possibly be.

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