• Rachelle Millar

Anti Racism training isn't enough to save your Business or Life. Coaching is.

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

I was watching some good clean coaching going on between my horse trainer and my horse. She asked for a movement and she was super clear about that ask. She was clear about what was a no in the movement and the second that he switched to the yes, she praised.

It was fast, it was swift and it was incredibly effective. Timing is everything.

He did not have to complete the whole movement, he literally had to think about it and make a step towards it and he was praised. It was magic to watch. There are not many people who would be able to see and interpret what she was doing. It was so fast.

Our team or employees, could benefit from the same type of coaching.

In order to be a great coach you need the following 4 things:-</