• Rachelle Millar

Don't think in hours per week, think in outcomes per year!

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

One of the key things that I learnt very early on when I had children and I was to have business or build a business was to change my daily mindset from time spent ie. 9-5 to outcomes achieved.

Time and time again, I hear women say, I work 10 hours per week and achieve this, I can only do 20 hours a week so can achieve this. Or alternatively, I want to work this many hours per week, or I can only work this many hours per week. Already there is a scarcity mindset. It is a worker or employee mindset not an entrepreneur mindset or a business mindset.

My answer is stop working day to day and week to week about what you can achieve, start working year to year or at least month to month. The business I was in had a sweet spot of when you earnt your money and when you didn't. I chose to work some longer hours when I was delivering face to face and the ability to create a workbook/design a course from home, being paid for the output/outcome rather than how many hours it took me.