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Drowning in the Trauma Vortex

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

I used to describe Theta Healing as a fast way to get to the bottom of things, to find the piece of the puzzle that kept people in pain.

Whereas counselling or coaching was problem focussed, like a stack of cards (thoughts) we could slowly and painstakingly pull one card off at a time, look at it, analyse it and then cast it aside.

But Theta Healing was interested in finding the bottom card, or the belief that was holding all cards in place that were causing pain in different areas of your life.

Some of the common beliefs are:- I am not good enough, I am not worthy, or I am unlovable.

Once we removed the belief through Theta Healing, then life would be easier, the person would heal.

Sometimes it was not always about beliefs but it was about feelings, the body had forgotten. How to feel joy for example or we would remind the body how to feel certain feelings or simply what unconditional love feels like.

Theta Healing is one modality of healing and therefore limited in how one can help another heal.

This year, I explored other modalities of healing from trauma most especially how our body keeps the trauma stuck inside despite how positive our mindset is. Our response to trauma can keep us in constant anxiety/stress; fight or flight or worse still to shut down or freeze when our strategies of running away or fighting couldn’t keep us safe.

What I have come to realise is that I cannot just pull the bottom card, when it comes to trauma.

Because if my client only has the trauma vortex and if we remove the belief that has kept them safe then what? How are they to be in the world now? Perhaps another poor coping strategy?

I have learnt that I need to build another deck of cards, the counter vortex. One of resilience and responses that hold the person up, that also keeps them safe. Because if they have another vortex, then they have the capacity to choose.

The capacity to choose to heal.

This is why, when I pull the bottom card out, we don’t simply discard it, we add it to the counter vortex stack. So for example, if we were to remove the belief, “I am not good enough” and replace it with, “I am good enough” how do we support the actions of the person who has never operated from this space? They will need to learn to move differently, to speak differently and most of all to tolerate the chaos of being reborn into a new way of being.

This year, I have witnessed healing being incredibly fast, because the person was ready to heal. They were ready to be different, to transform.

But they were also willing to let go of what was holding them back.

And they were willing to add in what they needed to hold them together and grow.

I have also had the privilege just to hold a person’s hand in the trauma vortex, and sharing my breath. Resuscitating their will to live and feel safe floating. (in sometimes what is a pool of shit!)

Everyone heals differently and it is important to find someone who is experienced in many ways of healing. Where they can pick and choose along with their client what might work best for them.

And something I have noticed also, is that whilst we might think that there is no trauma in our background. If we feel safe enough, it is likely to come to the surface. And should it show it's face, having a trauma-informed practitioner is imperative.

Healing is never linear, it is 3D.

Sometimes, we are working on floating, sometimes we are building new skills or resources, and sometimes we are witnessing healing and transformation.

Cementing my purpose in life of holding open a learning space, to facilitate growth and development. I have enjoyed adding to my kete (basket) this year. My cup runneth over.

I am offering a free 30 minute discovery call to experience the power of Theta Healing or to simply discuss what might be right for you.

Contact me on Tel: 0276584552 or to book an online session.

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