• Rachelle Millar

Freedom of Choice

This week a story of no choice has been playing out. It has been a hard week for those tapping into the energy of this pain. On Monday the NZ government mandated vaccines for health & disability workers as well as teachers.

The pain that rippled through the community was palpable.

Where is our freedom? Is it as those who have spread the narrative of Nazi Germany playing out in our beautiful and pure Aotearoa?

Social Media's wheels get turning as all media outlets get ready for Super Shot Saturday... the Vaccinathon of all proportions. Those that remember those times, when we came together for the common good. Telethon and World Vision - remember the song? I think it has been a while since we said, what and how do we make an impact. It doesn't happen small... we tried that. NZer's (I think) don't like to make obvious waves. Yet, we do love making waves, we like punching well above our weight. Just ask Muhammad Ali.

As I hear people's rights being violated, I am reminded so clearly of a psychologist that survived the holocaust. In fact he did not only survive, he came out punching! Victor Frankl. Do you know what he contributed to psychology?

Freedom of Cho