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Gratitude for the Non Busy, Busy

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

I sit here at 7.30pm on Friday evening, still working and I am so ever grateful for this.


I just love helping people, and the best time to help people is when they really, really need it.

One of the biggest wins for me, is when a client calls because they are in crisis and I am able to be there as the support. I have always said this. I am so into organic coaching. For me, that is when the rubber hits the road. When I am coaching in situ.

Yes, of course, coaching is all feedback and goals and when we all have time to navel gaze, yes that is good. We can focus on how perfect our lives might be in that space and all the things we want to create.

But I love, when it gets down and dirty, when someone else can share the load and get massive support, right then.

I remember some of my best days when I was working in the fashion industry. Whilst is was lovely traveling the world and creating ranges of textiles, showing these wares to the designers and fashion houses and discussing the next style to crush our sales targets.

It was the days that I really wondered what I was going to do, that took my breath away!

Suddenly a phone call would come through suggesting imminent disaster in the next moment! Whilst I could be rather perturbed by the slubs that a cutter was laying across the table as were they and we were all on a time limit, so waiting for another 3 months for more fabric of better quality was not an option!

It was this crisis that I was attracted to. How were we going to negotiate our way through the next season that held a win for us all?

So when a client calls me in the heat of the moment, that is when I think the real coaching comes alive....that for me is my heaven and my purpose.

I really get to be the hero in that space or help my client to shine in what could of been their darkest hour.

This is why I love coaching more than I love training, this is why I love working organically with whatever my client throws at me, this is why I am entranced by the heat of the moment and am ready to hold it all together.

I have gratitude for some really sticky problems, for the crazy and unexpected outcomes, for thinking laterally and not logically and the faces of my clients when an answer/solution materializes out of the haze that they had never thought of before.

So I have gratitude for this week and to end in a way that I feel, I deserve a REST.

See you next week!

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