• Rachelle Millar

How to have a blooming great life! -understanding culture, climate and leadership.

If a flower doesn't bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower. For the flower, this is the soil, the fertiliser, water, who speaks to it, how they speak to it, the sunshine and all the energy that goes into it's growth. Of course there would be one thing that would have to be present the most and that is believing that the flower should bloom!

If the flower is in a container, it does not matter what type of container it is in, whether it is pottery or plastic, wood or tin. Many times we think change the environment and that means the container. Change a room and make it pretty, build another classroom in a school or recently for me the priority of focus on the club grounds, the place in which people develop and grow, the container.

Fixing the environment is actually fixing the culture.

The climate is also important for a flower to bloom. We may not be able to fix the climate exactly right, but we can test the climate and make sure that it is right for growing flowers in. Can we repair the damage, absolutely, I have seen buds cut away and then the right environment be created, a bit of fertiliser and water even can have a highly positive effect almost instantly. So we can set up the environment so when the right climate is added, it blooms. So we cannot always blame the climate for a lack of success. But we could blame a lack of long term vision.