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Grow Your ONLINE Business Faster With Laser-Focus

Tired of spinning your wheels and getting nowhere? 

Building a business is the most rewarding experience in the world but juggling multiple hats is exhausting.

We created a rapid results program that cuts the fluff and information overload so you can focus on strategies the Top 1% implement to create unstoppable momentum. 

There is nothing cookie-cutter here.

This is a highly specialized business accelerator brought to you by two international trailblazers with a reputation for getting things done. 

At Precision 1 Percent we have combined over 25 years of knowledge and implementation expertise to bring you a life-changing, business booming program designed to skyrocket your skills:


  • Build sustainable wealth

  • Create systems to build, launch and grow online

  • Master the skills required for a thriving business 

  • Reclaim your time & freedom while making money while you sleep 

  • Create a legacy for your family and future 

  • Transform lives with you passion and purpose ​

More than 30 years combined experience at your fingertips ...

Arooj and Rachelle are experts in eliminating unnecessary obstacles eating up your profitability and will help you implement the sales and marketing strategies that will transform your business in 42 days. 

WARNING: This is ONLY for those entrepreneurs looking to become TOP 1% in their industry.  So if you would rather twiddle your thumbs or sit on the fence, we are not the mentors for you. 

However, if you are ready to start your engines and make money while having fun... put on your seat belt... 


Here's How it Works 

There is no one size fits all in business. 

We are known for rapid results and transformations. Because we identify the core problems and create simple solutions that can be implemented immediately.

This is not another digital course that promises results but delivers content you can easily google or find on YouTube. We have developed a framework based on years of corporate trainings, consulting and personal experience.

Precision 1 Percent is personalized strategy and implementation for your specific business needs. 

There is no guesswork, but a systematic and holistic approach to success.



Audit of your needs, gaps and goals

Magnetic Marketing

Aligned marketing to accelerate growth

TOP 1%Success 


Create a custom roadmap for your business 


Mindset support to assist with decision making and leadership

Sales Mastery

Get used to hearing YES! Increase conversions with sales

Expert Mentorship

Two experts to support your growth and success

Take the LEAP 

IF you are brand new to entrepreneurship or established, we have you covered.  You can work with us three ways.

At your own pace with Booster workshops.

Precision Boot-camp like a NASCAR race, fast and action packed to the 42-Day finish line. 

Or Space X launch where we setup your business so you can jet off to profits.

Which ever one you choose - fasten your seat- belt because things are about to change forever..



Workshops & Templates 

Toolkits and lessons at your fingertips to help you get started with the knowledge to build a business. 


$250 +


Intensive 42-Day Booster

Cut the fluff and create a personalize blueprint of sales and marketing to start profitable venture in 42 days.




High-Level Sharpshooter

Rapid accelerator designed for Top 1 % performance and results 



You are in good COMPANY 

Clients have experienced great personal transformation and drastic improvement in business profits. Here are just a few of our testimonials. 

- Tony Hart,

Moontide (Swimwear)

"Rachelle stepped in and created 2 stand alone retail stores, all systems and processes, recruited and established a performing team and a profitable business for us.  It ran itself after that , what more can you say! Made my life easy "

~ Ashley Dumont

Organic Body Products

"I met Arooj at an event and was impressed with her questions. I invited her to review my business, and in less than an hour, she was able to find ways I could save more time and five ways I was losing money. Working with her was a no-brainer after that, and I am so happy with her advice. She tells it like it is and is super succinct in her opinion. If you are afraid to take a hard look at your business or just can not see why you are struggling she will get to the root of the problem very quickly.  "

​ - James Brown,

Jackson Brown Automotive & Marine

"Rachelle has been a great help to us with personal and business development, she is very good at simplifying complex ideas and keeping us on track towards our goals, very valuable part of our business."

Jodi Wilson - Wellness Mentor


'I wanted something simple to keep me busy in retirement and Arooj helped me create a workshop  to help young nurses manage their health and destress. I love talking, so this was very easy for me to do. From the first workshop I had six young ladies sign-up to work with me for six months. That was $35,000 from one workshop. Now I do the workshops whenever I want to and my clients bring their friends so there are always more than enough people. "


- Amy Wilder - Wilder & Hunt (Real Food Brand)

"Rachelle stepped into the different areas of my business, interpreted my vision, ruffled a few feathers and made my team accountable, she stood by me as we pushed the envelope of what was possible increasing productivity, moved into wholesaling and enabled me to sell my business" 

Lara Rodriquez  Translation Services

"I worked with Arooj to get my business pictures done, and she helped me create a marketing plan. I had to raise my prices because there were so many people reaching out to me. She then helped me build tiers so I could really give all my clients the best experience with everything they wanted. "





Arooj Ashraf

Marketing & Scale Strategist

Arooj Ashraf is a serial entrepreneur, international best-selling author and podcast host.  With 15 years experience working with multi-million dollar organizations and non-profits. She has owned several multi-six figure creative businesses as a photographer, graphic designer and writer. Her passion is building profitable businesses with heart centered women who are on a mission to transform lives with their work.


Arooj’s SUPERPOWER is helping women recognize their true talents and leverage them into profitable passion based business that scale rapidly. She loves working with precision rather than gimmicks and is a rapid problem solver committed to getting to the root of the problem and correcting it effectively. 


She grew up on three continents and loves traveling near and far, exploring cultures, exotic landscapes and connecting with people of the world. Most importantly, she is devoted to testing out all the possible desserts she can.


By creating her consulting empire she hopes to build a coalition of millionaire women who join together to make this world a better place for future generations, one transformation and life at a time. 

She is based in Boston, MA and loves traveling the world for adventure and discovery. Her favorite experience always involve delighting in local desserts and art. 

Rachelle Millar

Sales & Mindset Queen

Rachelle Millar has always had an angle on everything she does. Born into sales she describes her early beginnings as an observationist in an extroverted world.

After 12 successful years in sales and marketing in fashion, IT, medical supplies and hospitality industries, Rachelle moved into training and coaching in 2003. Since then she has run large training programmes in sales, negotiation and leadership across the retailing and B2B sectors as well as leading a team to blend learning programmes across corporate organisations that cater for 10,000 employees.


Starting in sales when we only had a landline phone and face to face interactions, she has continued to challenge what is possible in getting a product to market or learning in front of a team member at the right time utilising up to date digital technology and media

Rachelle is passionate about helping people to understand the skill of sales and negotiating and overcome their fears or limiting beliefs that stop them from leading an abundant life. She believes you can have anything you want in life and that there is no such thing as sacrificing one thing for the other. Her Motto:- Have your cake and eat it too.

She runs her practice from her dream home in Te Arai, NZ. She loves meeting with people from all over the world to find out what makes them tick and transform their health, wealth and happiness.

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