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Rangitahi Hoiho Connection

Experiential programme for tween/teens to build leadership, resilience and strategies for self regulation and emotional & social intelligence. 


Learning Outcomes:

  1. Increase self-awareness and management of their feelings most especially how to manage anxiety & stress.

  2. Develop a learning and growth mindset that allows room for success and failure.

  3. That they are not alone in this journey, that everyone can be debilitated by anxiety, even a horse.

  4. The power of speaking out and being able to articulate how they feel to others. A language for life.


The philosophy of this programme is that it is far reaching, not just for those debilitated by anxiety but for all teens as a way to mange themselves. A space that is safe to speak out and explore their own potential for leadership.


Programme Outline

Week 1

Meet & Greet (Horses & the group)

Set up ground & group rules

Establish Safety

Being Present

Overview of programme & learning

Outside the Fence


Week 2

Understanding Needs & Boundaries

  • Explore your needs inside the group and setting boundaries

  • Horse & Herd Dynamics

Inside the Arena

Week 3


  • Explore connection & communication

  • Reading signals and the group

  • Feedback on how you show up

Week 4

Circles of Influence & Control

  • Comfort, Stretch & Risk

  • How to manage yourself when feelings are out of control

  • Panic Attacks

Week 5

Energy, how you create energy or how you absorb energy. (Introverted vs Extroverted)

  • Trusting the process

  • Giving up the illusion of control

  • Body Language

Week 6

Relationship Management

  • In pairs, work through giving and receiving instructions

  • Giving Feedback to each other

  • Being clear - assertive

Week 7

Be the Creator of your life (The leader)

  • How to manage your will, create space and choose different responses.

  • Drama Triangle vs. Presence (Winners) Triangle

  • Who am I becoming

Horses freewill and choice


Week 8


  • Celebrating your successes (Healthy pride and Healthy Inadequacy)

  • Growth Mindset, Not Yet

  • Action Plans and Applied Learning


Competition Event with the horses.

  • Show off learning.

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