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Meet Rachelle Millar

Sales & Negotiation Trainer & Coach

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After 12 successful years in sales and marketing within the Fashion, IT, Hospitality and Medical industries,

Rachelle Millar moved into learning and development with one of the leading sales industry trainers of 2002 David Forman and associates.  Since then Rachelle has continued to contract to L&D agencies within the sales & leadership development field. 

Rachelle's selling philosophy puts the customer at the centre of the sales process and how to engage them both digitally and face to face. Her kiwi style focuses on being at the right place at right time to listen to a customer say yes!

Here are a few of Your Point's clients where Rachelle has handled the full design and delivery from consultation to completion.

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Blue wing Honda.jpg

The brief was to create a customer service type workshop for the frontline staff across the dealer network for Mitsubishi, it was fantastic to work with such a forward thinking company when we suggested that we went at it from a different angle. 


They needed their staff to value the customer more. 


So we created a workshop that explored their own value as team members called Kindfulness on the Frontline, exercises were based on thought leadership principles rather than boring old role plays and the energy was infectious.  

The blended learning programme Winning Wild Work was created for Chow:Hill an architectural/urban design firm. 


It consisted of 2 workshops, individual coaching and a celebration of applied learning.  Working with the partners and their associates the brief was to change the way they won work and managed their relationships. 


Giving them a map and model of the psychology of selling, the mindset required to see opportunities and follow up on them and then penetrate the relationships they already had in the market was the key to this organisations success. 


A one day workshop was able to quickly increase the knowledge and understanding of these concepts with the individual coaching to help apply this in real time. 


The celebration of learning was fundamental to institionalising their behavour change.  

The strength based approach for learning and development can also happen in a contest type format, managing this over the 2017 year for Toyota had me refining what great service looked like on the frontline as well as the real meaning of Kaizen for continuous improvement. 


The most rewarding part of this was working one on one with the finalists to help them stand up and present their project in 15 minutes.  None of them had ever done this before. 


But using a basic formula for presenting, of refining the objective, getting creative and then finding structure and sequence they were able to sell themselves and present their ideas coherently.


I couldn't have been more proud of their change after their individual coaching session of only 4 hours.  

Blue Wing Honda wanted to build an academy for their dealer network, we were commissioned to build a learning programme that ensured they maintained  their position as No. 1 and grew their market share within the new wave of farmers coming through. 


Social Media and Online business has to be in the hands of the frontline to truly work.  The 2 day workshops that are run throughout the country focus on real competitive advantages of the Honda bikes & ATV's. 


The participants like how the learning and development is in their hands, we utilise the group to explore the possibilities of both salesmanship and product expertise as well as advancing how to manage their territories and negotiate full solutions servicing the customer. 


Some of the stand out insights have been understanding client need's focused on their agricultural business rather than the needs in a bike.  Handling price objections becomes easy when you can really build value in the customers mind.

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