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Are you a Sales Superstar or Novice?

Take this FREE ASSESSMENT to discover if you are ready to rock your online sales.

Mastering the Sales process can 10X your business instantly!

Selling is EASY!


Without sales, you have no cash. No business.

And you didn't jump on the entrepreneurSHIP to struggle with never-ending cycle of posting on social media, writing blogs, chasing clients who just want freebies.


If you are tired of hearing NO, it's time to sharpen your sales skills.

When you understand how to sell using buying triggers, sales become an invisible force that lights up your marketing and branding.

And we have created a proven system that builds your business online from A-Z so all you have to do is follow your passions and serve the people you absolutely love working with!

With our 5 Step Winning Wheel System, you will be able to PIMP YOUR OFFER & get YES! In any market.

The only question is: Are you ready to :

  • Become an Expert who inspires, transform lives, and can get sales & sign-ups with ease

  • Attract dream clients and leaders who are eager to work with you

  • Build a community that raves about your product or services

  • Create a predictable cash engine and never worry about money again

  • Finally, have the online business that works for YOU, even while you sleep

  • Be proud of your services and fall in love with selling

All of this is possible if you are willing to take action.

When you focus on the right things at the right time, life becomes so much easier and businesses take off!

Our 42 Day Precision 1% Programme helps you focus on the 5 core elements that will skyrocket your business growth so you can:

  • Make more impact with your passions

  • Have more time and freedom to work from anywhere, anytime

  • Thrive, even during pandemics and volatile markets

  • Never again wonder how and where to get new clients

  • Build evergreen marketing system that brings you hot leads for years to come

The business of your dream is possible, my friend, and we are here to help you create that reality faster and easier.


Are you ready to stop spinning your wheels on social media with dead-end conversations that are wasting time and draining your bank account?  How many people are ignoring your offers or worse, ghosting you when it comes time to pay?

Or, are you overwhelmed by the technology and the information overload?

Building a business online is not easy, but it does not have to be a herculean task.

It is time to stop fumbling around and start making the money you are worthy of.

Precision 1 Percent is the perfect partner to launch your business online if you:

  • Have a product or service that people need

  • Want a system proven to attract qualified clients ready to buy

  • Can deliver excellent customer service and product

  • Want to dominate your niche market as experts for the next decade

  • Are motivated to implement information right now

  • Committed to transforming your life


If all you can say to yourself right now is YES! YES! YES!

Book a call with Rachelle today.



During the call we will accomplish 3 things:

  1. Discuss the #1 challenge preventing you from making money

  2. Get crystal clear on your business goals

  3. Create a path for you to attract and convert ideal clients to your business



Tony Hart,

Moontide (Swimwear)

"Rachelle stepped in and created 2 stand-alone retail stores, all systems and processes, recruited and established a performing team and a profitable business for us.  It ran itself after that , what more can you say! Made my life easy "

James Brown,

Jackson Brown Automotive & Marine

"Rachelle has been a great help to us with personal and business development, she is very good at simplifying complex ideas and keeping us on track towards our goals, very valuable part of our business."

Amy Wilder,

Wilder & Hunt (Real Food Brand)

"Rachelle stepped into the different areas of my business, interpreted my vision, ruffled a few feathers and made my team accountable, she stood by me as we pushed the envelope of what was possible increasing productivity, moved into wholesaling and enabled me to sell my business"

Rachelle Millar

Sales Expert, Mumpreneur & Thought Leader

The quintessential salesperson, Rachelle's expertise lies in translating what is required to market and sell any product in any environment.

She is the go to trainer and coach for many industries in NZ as well as 12 successful years in sales within fashion, medical, IT and hospitality industries in UK and Canada prior to entering the field of corporate learning and development

Rachelle walks her talk, operating out of her dream home in Te Arai, NZ. A remote surf beach one hour north of Auckland. Passionate about changing people's minds towards abundance and teaching the art & science of sales.

Learn More about Rachelle
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