Meet Arooj Ashraf

Arooj Ashraf is multi-passionate entrepreneur, a best-selling author and business acceleration expert. She has combined her decade of creative business ownership, MBA in Global Management and passion for service into helping women build fail proof businesses that thrive. 

Arooj began her career as a journalist bringing the voices of the Arab and Hispanic community to mainstream. She served as the marketing director and president of the board for non-profit organizations devoted to cultural exchange and diversity inclusion.

Her unfair advantage is being able to identify gap between business goals and present circumstances, and creating a strategy to fill that gap in the most proficient and optimized way possible. 

She is a creative problem solver with massive tool-kit of skills that any business can benefit from. 

Ashley Dumont

- Organic Body Products

I met Arooj at an event and was impressed with her questions. I invited her to review my business, and in less than an hour, she was able to find ways I could save more time and five ways I was losing money. Working with her was a no-brainer after that, and I am so happy with her advice. She tells it like it is and is super succinct in her opinion. If you are afraid to take a hard look at your business or just can not see why you are struggling she will get to the root of the problem very quickly.

Jodi Wilson

- Wellness Mentor

I wanted something simple to keep me busy in retirement and Arooj helped me create a workshop for to help young nurses manage their health and de-stress. I love talking, so this was very easy for me to do. From the first workshop I had six young ladies sign-up to work with me for six months. That was $35,000 from one workshop. Now I do the workshops whenever I want to and my clients bring their friends so there are always more than enough people.

Amy Sullivan

- Medical Devices & Technology

I was about to quit my business because for five years I was struggling to make enough money to justify the time I was spending. I was so tired of spending endless hours building and doing everything other gurus suggested and not getting anywhere fast. Arooj looked at how I was wasting time and immediately told me to stop doing things, and I thought she was crazy. But she showed me easier ways to get the same amount of work done. Now I have so much more time on my hands that I can actually go out and do things without having to worry about losing clients. And the best part is I am now making more money in a month than I did all last quarter. Listen to her, sign up and actually follow the steps. She will hold you accountable and you might even hate her at the times but if you keep working with her you will be super happy.

Lara Rodriquez

I worked with Arooj to get my business pictures done, and she helped me create a marketing plan. I had to raise my prices because there were so many people reaching out to me. She then helped me build tiers so I could really give all my clients the best experience with everything they wanted.