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Family/Whanau Sessions

I absolutely love working with your children. they are so cool, and when I work with your children the families become a part of this work. There is always a system and environment at play and we (the group or family) are working out how we are going to work in this system. 

Just like the horse herd. 

This is why horses are so helpful in seeing what we can't see in everyday life at home. 

With all the families that I have worked with, the horses have shown up the spaces that need to be worked on. They are gentle in their approach. I think I can be very direct in my analysis. So I love working with the horses to help my Horsome clients to see the things they need to see. 

The general feedback is one that brings comfort... 

The sessions are $150 for about an hour to interact with the horses as a family. Learn the ways and enjoy the space that Rachelle and Your Point provides. 

With some of the recent events that Mangawhai whanau have experienced there is funding available to support your family's wellbeing and resilience. 

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