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Taking Responsibility

Why is it so easy to stay on path when you really, really want something?

How is it as a customer we are so totally committed to finding a solution?

Even if the customer experience is so very very poor!

When we are so in touch with what is going on for us, it is easier to explain to others what we need. In sales we call this tension for change. Or the pain points, we are so in touch as a customer with our pain points that we are willing, yes willing to dedicate our precious time to seek an answer to these and to stop them from happening.

Last week whilst I was amid the pain points of no internet, of which I am still on the path to getting a solution, ie. I still have no broadband/internet connection. I had time to write in my journal, my quick go to to not only record my life but to grow and develop through reflection. Something became very apparent to me and it was quite clearly about how important it is to find the right people, the people who can make things happen for you on a whole different level.

The one's who really listen and empathise about what is going on for you and then I realised this is the same for my business, I had to find the right people who were really willing to take responsibility for making things better in their life, who really were keen to learn and grow. Who not only wanted to invest the money, but also the time into their own development and most especially were aligned with making a difference in the world, even if it was making a difference in their own world. For what better place to start than in your own backyard.

Please enjoy listening and tuning into the sound of the birds and clean crisp morning that was effervescent in my misty morning as I sheltered from the rain, about midway across my land in Te Arai.

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