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Bored with Life: Why Yawning is Healing

Debunking the myth that yawning means you need more oxygen. Quite the contrary. Your body is simply helping you stay awake to the moment. Or awaken to the moment. Alive to the moment. Our body is saying, pay attention!

When we yawn, we are feeling safe.

Stifling a yawn, not feeling safe! Right? Worried about someone's reaction? Almost like farting!

But actually, we are needing to yawn, we need our bodies to awaken to the moment, to pay attention. Hence the propensity to yawn.

The other day, I was yawning away as I was talking to my mum, it really upset her, and of course she was comfortable enough to say to me, stop yawning, what's going on, am I boring you?

It was more about her than me, sure I didn't want to be impolite, but I was able to stay on the video call and be who I was in that moment. Despite her comments. Otherwise, I would have turned the video off, then I could allow the yawn all I liked. I didn't know why I was yawning...

Although the more I yawned and my mother commented on it, the more I felt anxious and stressed about yawning, the more I yawned. My body's way of managing my stress.

Perhaps before the yawning, or even before my call to Mum, I was anxious and stressed. Often when I talk with Mum, I get a chance to let go, to share what is going on for me, and therefore release that tension. The yawning must have signified that.

But the misinterpretation of it increased anxiety and stress. So, I yawned more. We are complex beings eh?

Back to the therapy room or paddock. Where we are allowed to yawn, both me, my clients and the horses. I encourage it. Like laughing yoga, we should have yawning yoga!

It is part of the healing process, yawning. When we allow that yawn to come through, we open our mouths wide and stretch and we release all of that pent-up energy that is asking to be released.

How refreshing.

I facilitate and guide my clients to breath and to let go of the stresses and worries of the day, the week, the month, the year. And the horses reflect back our relaxation and they open their jaws, they lick and chew and yawn.

Inviting humans to yawn, to release, to heal.

These days, we have the science to back up what horses intuitively know, when we

harness the power of nature, the answers are all there.

A way to return to homeostasis, calm, peace, and rest.

A place to heal and transform.

So give the gift of yawning with another, allow yourself to yawn, and explain how it is so special to the other person that you can do so. Allowing them to yawn too.... an authentic exchange of energy.

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