• Rachelle Millar

Build your Emotional Intelligence & Influential Leadership Skills during Covid 19, Lockdown / Rahui

After a week of lockdown in NZ, it has been noticeable how differently we are responding to it and so are our clients. I have noticed that it is important to look after yourself now more than ever as we are questioned about whether or not we should be at the beach, the supermarket with others or hiding out at home in panic.


The jokes about toilet roll hoarding and panic buying help to soothe us, the key is about not taking yourself too seriously otherwise we can move into high octane stress mode. One of the key ways to manage this is looking at what you can control. You can control your response to everything.


The things you cannot control are others, sometime even your own children. The fear that can set in when our children aren’t following the government rules can be difficult to manage. We may not get through to them with rules and lockdown, but we can influence.

Influencing is a leadership skill, this is able to be built via emotional intelligence.

Taking time to look after yourself first is important to building these skills. For your children, for your neighbourhood or even your team whilst in lockdown. Another part to building your business as you go back is how you lead your customers. Looking after yourself now or building better habits in looking after yourself now will make way for a higher level of leadership within your life, family and business.