• Rachelle Millar

From Wild Womanz to Romantic Roadies... what do you think?

In 2014 I set up Wild Woman, now I am thinking of setting up The Romantic Roadie.

Wild Womanz was born from the space of travelling NZ on my own with two preschoolers in tow and wanting to share the amazing adventures that we had and the glorious opportunities that NZ has at our doorstep if only a solo mum knew how to take advantage of them, she would kick off the cabin fever blues and step outside into the wild and her kids would thank her for it. Nights cuddled up to mum as close as could be is every toddlers dream and last night as we sat around at Dune in Mangawhai for Oskar’s 14th birthday we talked about our adventures, their resilience and tenacity and most of all maturity due to learning how to adapt in any environment.

What a great way to celebrate 14 years as a trio.