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From Wild Womanz to Romantic Roadies... what do you think?

In 2014 I set up Wild Woman, now I am thinking of setting up The Romantic Roadie.

Wild Womanz was born from the space of travelling NZ on my own with two preschoolers in tow and wanting to share the amazing adventures that we had and the glorious opportunities that NZ has at our doorstep if only a solo mum knew how to take advantage of them, she would kick off the cabin fever blues and step outside into the wild and her kids would thank her for it. Nights cuddled up to mum as close as could be is every toddlers dream and last night as we sat around at Dune in Mangawhai for Oskar’s 14th birthday we talked about our adventures, their resilience and tenacity and most of all maturity due to learning how to adapt in any environment.

What a great way to celebrate 14 years as a trio.

Reminiscing about all our crazy adventures, even when we holed up in a hotel for a year central city. We were living with the All Blacks right after their 2nd World Cup win in 2011. They were on the world stage and the boys were riding on their backs in the pool and being tossed in the air. Those things are pretty unforgettable for impressionable and star struck kiwi boys.

I remember something my best friend said to me in London in 1991, “you could have fun in jail”. I always think that our friends who love us the most are very apt at stating stuff that one can take for granted. It is hard to know what your strengths are when you are just living you life as you see fit. Feedback is feedback whether or not we like it or not. Some of it has some hard truths and as a people pleaser I hate it when that feedback is saying people are not happy. I take it personally, they are not happy with me. But realistically. They are just not happy. I have to know my part in it But I also have to remind myself that the work that I do challenges people and the reason that they work with me is that they are challenged and I hold them accountable. That is a tough space to navigate.

Ever done it yourself?

It is kind of my signature style, walk the wild zone of learning and take people off the edge and back again. Funny coz for a people pleaser I should really be leaving them in the comfort zone. But I don’t…. I pick away at a sore and I challenge people and I am not happy until I have disrupted their world. Because people don’t come to me because they want me to agree with them. They come to me because they want RADICAL change or they want to become RADICAL as change agents in others. And I take them on a grueling journey.

Another mentor/reference would say, if you want to tick the box on learning and development do not go to Rachelle. She will challenge you beyond belief and she won’t be happy until everything you do is questioned and put back together and you are transformed. She will hold your hand all the way, but you really have to trust that she has your best interests at heart.

I could say, this in itself is challenging, but when you know that that is your purpose, it is hard to hide from it.

I do sometimes wonder, shall I walk the quieter line. But I don’t…and I simply can’t.

It sucks becoming a butterfly…

I sit here on a Saturday as the sun shines into my turangawaewae, my spiritual place, the place that grounds me. I feel so alive and awake to possibilities. My children left this morning, one to work for the day at a surf shop and the other to hang with friends on his bike (7kms to tar seal) with a plan to stay overnight and then take himself off to his roping practice. I know they are both safe because I know the adults that are holding the space for them too. THAT is why I live here, sitting with other who hold the same values and are inspired and enamoured by us. I don’t say this in a conceited way, I say it in a way that honours their potential leadership, their strengths to make what they want to have happen and I have massive gratitude for the people they are surrounded by and it is wonderful to trust that. It is not all them, I always will question and it is so much easier when you know the space they are walking into.

When you stand in a place that grounds you, it is so much easier to create your next chapter. Healing is so important to hold you in a place that you can transform.

I wonder why these are called blogs, is it a bio log… lol… because sometimes it feels like that.

Back to the idea…the Romantic Roadie.

What is the next chapter that might be born of a new need, a need to travel and uncover romantic liaisons that may not of eventuated as much as if I suggested an adventure. I know that once out of my space I hadn’t realised what I was missing.

How about you?

Would you be keen to embark on a romantic roadie?

Comment about what you would want from a Romantic Roadie with a person you are seducing, admire or love?

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