• Rachelle Millar

Learning how to Fall, Fail....

I realised today that the fear in horse riding that freezes us is simply that we do not wish to fall and hurt ourselves and our egos. The older you get the more you are worried about such things.

So how do we overcome this fear when you are young, how often have you fallen? Were you allowed to fall. My boys used to ride my hunter, he was about 16hh, lets say 2 metres. As they progressed to not wanting me to lead them anymore, I decided it was time to buy them a small pony, one that was going to be less painful to fall off. I'll never forget the lady's face as I laughed as the children fell off these 12hh ponies. She thought this way of riding was quite bizarre, but it made total sense to me. If you don't have far to fall, then it doesn't hurt so much or they do less damage.

Boys being boys, they used to even fall off their little tricycles on purpose. They would throw th