• Arooj Ashraf

The Algorithm Hates You: Media Buying Mistakes

There are many ways to generate traffic to your sales pages and website. The long-term SEO game and never ending quest to rank high takes years. Unless, you are in a highly specified niche.

The organic method of engaging through direct relationships and messaging. Posting and leading with “value” based content and driving traffic to platforms is time consuming. It also requires continuous effort.

You stop posting.

The leads dry up.

Then there is the “fast-track” method of buying media, aka, ads. This can be in magazines, podcasts, blogs. Or social platforms like Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. Search engines like Google.

I want to address the most commonly exploited and villainized: Facebook ads.

The algorithm Hates You. This is the most common frustration among amateur media buyers, but it just isn’t true.

The algorithm is more intelligent than the combined knowledge of human geniuses. It has been designed to gather data on every micro action of billions of people around the world. It does it with eerie accuracy. However, it is still a data driven algorithm.