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I did not have to call into question how I lived my life until it I had to defend it in court.


Two years ago, I won a legal case of relocating with my boys to Te Arai, freeing us from the restrictions my ex placed on us. The legal battle lasted five years, but the real fight began with the birth of my oldest son fourteen years ago.


My vision remained the same. I’ve always lived my life on a trajectory of positivity and promise. Living in Te Arai/our dream home and Turangawaewae put my life on track for the first time in years. (In te reo Maori, our spiritual place, literally translated, where our two feet stand.)


Shifting ME Softly describes some restrictions I faced through life. I fought illness at sixteen and was immobile for eighteen months after a snowboarding accident in my thirties. My biggest battle came from facing the legal system over parental arrangements for six years at forty. These hurdles, along with my degrees, gave me the experience and determination to support others.


The message is clear. Do not let your current circumstances be your destiny. Restrictions can be a blessing. Stop and take stock of those blessings. How do these obstacles strengthen us?


Using the philosophies of Psychosynthesis and Theta Healing and Leadership theories of Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence, Rachelle takes you on a journey of her life and learnings pivotal in transforming her health, wealth, and happiness.


She entrusts you with her story, hoping it strengthens you, taking you forward.


Shifting Me Softly

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